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If You’re banging your head against the wall, wondering who can I trust to clean my carpets in Seaham, then this may be the most important website you see today. 

If you have been on other carpet cleaning websites, I don’t blame you…they all say the same thing, and it’s not always true.

Now I will tell you straight away I am not the cheapest carpet cleaner…and that’s good for YOU!

But don’t click away just yet, you don’t need to re mortgage the house or sell a kidney…I offer sensible, affordable prices & outstanding value for money.

We have all at some point paid too little for something and ended up just wasting all of our money and regretting it. 

As you can imagine, in the race to be the cheapest, something has to give, cheap nasty harmful chemicals, underpowered machines, uninsured, no clue what they are doing.

Why take a gamble?



7 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

See further down for full process and how this gives you the most thorough clean ever.


Rapid Drying

My machine, process and multiple dri-pods will leave your carpets dryer than anyone else. Depending on carpet fibres, soiling levels etc. I can often have them dry before I leave.


Furniture Moved

Furniture is also placed back on protective tabs or foam blocks, protecting your carpet from dye and rust transfer.


Child & Pet Safe Solutions

Nearly everyone says this but I know it is not always true, can they prove it?…I can. I have asthma & allergy safe products also.


You Get The Best Carpet Cleaning Guarantee In Seaham

If for any reason you are not happy with my work I will re-clean FREE of charge.

Still not happy?

I will not only refund your money, I will pay out of my own pocket for a competitor to clean your carpets.


Super Heated Steam

Not many carpet cleaning companies in Seaham can actually provide steam

Let me assure you, where necessary, with our magma heater we can summon steam as hot as mount vesuvius

Dust mites are incinerated, creating a healthy environment for you and your family


NHS Award Winning Clean

Want the ultimate in carpet cleaning cleanliness and hygiene for you your family and pets?

How does NHS award winning clean sound?

If requested we can apply our Formula 429 solution (NHS Award Winning)

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Video Of Carpet Cleaning In Seaham

My Personal Guarantee To You

“YOU get the most thorough carpet cleaning in Seaham that will leave your carpets feeling fresh, hygienically clean and your home as fragrant as freshly cleaned laundry or it’s FREE.

Karl Fox – Owner

Expert Advanced Carpet Stain Removal In Seaham

Got a stain like this on your carpet and think a clean will remove it?…WRONG!

You can clean that till the cows come home, it isn’t going anywhere…it’s damage you see.

This is where most “carpet cleaners” say….”Sorry but I can’t do anything with that”

And it’s true sometimes stains are permanent and are set, particularly if someone has “had a go at it” without knowing what they are doing.

But as you can see, get someone in who knows what they are doing when it comes to the chemistry and dark art of stain removal and sometimes even the impossible is possible.


Now nobody can guarantee removal when it comes to stains

However….what I can GUARANTEE is…

“If I Can’t Get It Out, No One Can”

My 7 Stage Process When Cleaning Carpets In Seaham


1 – Pre-Inspection –  Carpet construction, fibre content and fitting must be established in order to select the most appropriate cleaning method and solutions. Any issues such as spots, stains, odours, shading, wear etc need to be highlighted so as to give you the best result.

2 – Commercial grade vacuum – Approx 80% of soiling in your carpet is dry soils, it does not matter if you have spent an hour hoovering your carpet I will get more out. 

3 – Pre-Spray – This is the magic sauce that is going to loosen up the remaining sticky soiling in your carpet. Those annoying little spots and dirty walkways. 

4 – Agitation – People are usually amazed just watching this step, alot of carpet cleaners in Seaham don’t do this. My agitation machines work in the “magic sauce” pre spray, coating and penetrating all the fibres loosening up the dirt, grit, polens and allergens whilst at the same time reviving the pile of your carpet.

5 – Hot Water Extraction ( and steam if needed) – This is where I fire up the airflex storm carpet cleaning machine pictured above. I won’t bore you with the technical specs, just know that this machine allows me to clean deeper and more thoroughly whilst being safer and recovering more water than most machines in the UK.

6 – Attack of the dri-pods – I will where possible place 1, 2, 3, 4….whatever, of these little drying pods onto your carpet. Often I can have your carpet dry before I leave. This is dependent on carpet type, soiling levels etc. 

7 – Carpet Groom – To reset the pile of your carpet and remove wand marks (though many people like these)

Read more about Woolsafe carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaners Sunderland

Don’t really fancy spending your day ringing round carpet cleaners getting the hard sell?

No neither would I, you have better things to do with your time.


That’s why I have included the following price guide.

You have seen the results I achieve, watched the video of my machine in action, You have read and watched my reviews at the top.

You have also seen a couple of my training certificates (more are available on request along with insurance)


And Remember My Carpet Cleaning Is Risk Free To You With A 100% No Quibble No Fuss Money Back Guarantee!


You now have a rough idea of pricing…can hop on the phone for 2 minutes, get it booked in…and carry on with your day.


Or just take advantage of some FREE HONEST Advice.

Average Size Lounge

Was £55 If Booked Today Only

Average Stairs

Normally £55, If booked Today Only

3 Room Special Offer (avg Size)


*** WARNING ***

All Carpet Cleaners In Seaham Are Not The Same

Don’t Waste Your Time, Money And Cause Yourself Heartache By Letting Mr Mop Stranger From Splash And Dash Carpet Cleaning Loose In Your Home.

When a carpet is cleaned incorrectly here is just a few things that can happen –

Shrinkage, Cellulosic Browning, Odour Problems, Carpets That Get Dirty Quick & Even Wallpaper & Paint Ruined

Not To Mention A Potential Potent Chemical Cocktail Left Within Your Carpet That Your Children & Pets Crawl Amongst.

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