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Superior Seaham Carpet Cleaning


Super heated Steam…Hotter Than Satans Socks!!

*** WARNING ***

Please Choose Your Carpet Cleaner Wisely, They Are Not All The Same.

Save Yourself Time Money & Heartache By Finding Out Exactly What You Will Receive For Your Hard Earned Money.

For The Cleanest Heathiest Carpets In Seaham Call Now On

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You Get The Best Carpet Cleaning Guarantee In Seaham

If for any reason you are not happy with my work I will re-clean FREE of charge.

Still not happy?

I will not only refund your money, I will pay out of my own pocket for a competitor to clean your carpets.


Super Heated Steam

Not many carpet cleaning companies can actually provide steam

Let me assure you, where necessary, with our magma heater we can summon steam as hot as mount vesuvius

Dust mites are incinerated, creating a healthy environment for you and your family


NHS Award Winning Clean

Want the ultimate in carpet cleaning cleanliness and hygiene for you your family and pets?

How does NHS award winning clean sound?

If requested we can apply our Formula 429 solution (NHS Award Winning)


Whenever I clean your carpet in Seaham…this is exactly what I will do….

Firstly, I will arrive on time, as agreed, although very rare but if for any reason I am running late I will ring to let you know.


  • I will carry out an inspection of your carpeting to determine fibre type, construction, identify any problem areas and determine the most appropriate carpet cleaning method to give You The Best Possible Results.


  • Your carpets will receive a hoover like never before using a commercial grade vacuum. A lot of less desirable “Carpet Cleaners” will miss this stage because they want to be in and out quick.


  • The most suitable pre spray will be applied to your carpet to begin loosening soils and contaminants


  • Agitation, Many new customers who have had their carpets cleaned before have never seen this stage.


  • Your carpets will get a deep clean to flush out all of the oils, grit and other residue. Using arguably the most powerful portable carpet extraction machine in the UK!


  • My super heated steam system will remove all of the allergens and bacteria that are breeding within your carpets….creating a healthy environment for you and your family.


  • I will pay special attention to any spots and stains and where needed will use advanced stain removal techniques.

For The Cleanest Heathiest Carpets In Seaham Call Now On

0191 5261439 – 07891371153

My Personal Guarantee To You

“YOU get the most thorough carpet cleaning in Seaham ever that will leave your carpets feeling fresh, hygienically clean and your home as fragrant as freshly cleaned laundry or it’s FREE..

Think a carpet clean removed this stain?…WRONG!

A stain like this is classed as damage and requires the dark art of stain removal.

Infact that stain is still there….I just made it invisible.

The same is true with odours, you think your carpet just needs a clean…and it does…but it also needs a bit more.

Now if you’ve picked a carpet cleaner in Seaham at random or based purely on price….guess what?….you’ve potentially just wasted your time and money.

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