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Carpet Cleaning Packages

by Aug 29, 2018Uncategorized

What are carpet cleaning packages and why do we offer them?

Basically because your situation and reasons for wanting your carpets cleaned could be totally different from the next person.

For instance you may have pets and maybe benefit from our urine contamination treatment offered in our carpet cleaning pet package.

You may have an allergy or asthma suffer in the home and would benefit from our dust mite killing anti allergy carpet cleaning package.

You may have a high content wool carpet and would benefit from our wool owners package.

There may be someone in your home who has a heightened sensitivity to detergents or fragrances etc. In this instance our sensitive care carpet cleaning package is a must.

More on our carpet cleaning packages in a moment but let me first remind you what you get as standard.

First off I need to make you aware that some carpet cleaning companies may offer up an unbelievable cheap price. Then once you are booked in they turn up at your home and suddenly the cheap price is for a “maintenance carpet clean”. Which is basically spray some water about, suck some of it back up, take your money and run. Or you can pay, usually quite a bit more for a deep clean.

There is none of that bait and switch nonsense with us.

Our “Standard Carpet Clean” is a thorough deep clean of your carpets that is unrivaled  as described on our carpet cleaning Sunderland page which I will summarise here –

  • Muti stage carpet cleaning process inc. pre vac, pre spray, carpet agitaion, hot water extraction steam cleaning, basic stain removal treatment and use of dry pods.
  • Furniture that can be safely moved will be. Furniture is then replaced back on protective tabs or foam blocks.
  • No quibble money back guarantee. If you do not feel like I have provided the best possible carpet cleaning service. Or you do not feel that I have done everything humanely possible to get your carpets back to their best possible condition…I will re clean, FREE OF CHARGE!…Still not happy?…I will refund your money no questions asked.


Carpet Cleaning Packages


Wool owners Package


  • Everything in our standard cleaning
  • Only woolsafe approved child and pet safe cleaning products used.
  • Application of the UKs market leading stain protection treatment. Help stop lifes little accidents becoming big problems.

Pet Package


  • Everything in our standard deep cleaning package.
  • Urine detection and contamination treatment.

Asthma/Allergy & dust mite kill & protect.

  • Everything in our standard carpet cleaning package. 
  • Application of our pro mite – our dust mite killing and protection treatment. 

Natural care package

  • Everything in our standard floor cleaning but with the use of the most natural cleaning products in the UK.
  • Detergent free, soap free, frangrance free, enzyme free products. These cleaning products are all natural, usually plant based.

NHS award winning clean. This is our virus, mould and bacteria cleaning package.


  • Everything in our deep cleaning standard package.
  • Application of Formula 429. This is an NHS award winning anti microbial product that will safely deal with norovius, influenza, viruses and bacteria.
Unsure on what is best for you, you home or your circumstances?

Don’t worry. Give me a call Karl Fox and I will be more than happy to offer free honest advice on any of your cleaning problems.

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