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Looking for a carpet cleaning company near you in Sunderland that you can trust?

Great…you have come to the right place!

My name is Karl Fox owner and operator at Cannon Surface Care. I have been cleaning carpets in and around Sunderland for 10 years now.

After attending nearly every carpet cleaning training course in the UK, as well as cleaning thousands and thousands of square metres of carpet means you can be sure of the best possible results and service.

Whatever the reason you are looking for carpet cleaning in Sunderland I can help.

Whether it’s a maintenance clean to keep your carpet in its best possible condition or a restorative clean you are in good hands.

Annoying black spots?

Stains or odours?

I can help…

I realise you are probably thinking “who do I choose to ring?”

If you have looked at a few websites of carpet cleaners near you in Sunderland, they all say the same thing. Sadly it’s not always true and it’s very hard to decide who to ring.

Which is why I offer FREE HONEST advice and estimates.

Sadly not all carpet cleaning companies in Sunderland are the same.

Even if you don’t want to use me please feel free to get in touch. My advice is free and I may be able to help you avoid making an expensive mistake.

Please take a look at my site.  I have included pictures of my work, reviews, training certificates etc.

A copy of our 5 million pound insurance policy is available upon request.


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What Are The Benefits Of Our Carpet Cleaning Service?

Regular vacuuming is great for keeping on top of all the dust, grit, debris and loose soiling that inevitably ends up on and in your floor. Unfortunately there comes a time when vacuuming isn’t enough. 
Pets, kids and husbands all eventually take their toll on your carpets & sofa upholstery. Muddy paws, mucky hands, food & drink spills, dirt, grit, pollens and allergens.

Soiling and microscopic grit eventually become compacted into your carpets and regular hoovering just isn’t as effective any more…this is where we come in.

As you walk across your carpets , those microscopic pieces act like sandpaper, wearing away at your fibres. 

Here are the benefits of our upholstery & carpet cleaning service….

Your Carpets & Upholstery Last Longer

Save A Fortune In Expensive Replacement Costs.

Improved Look & Feel To Your Carpets & Sofas.

Your Home Looks Its Best.

Super Heated Steam Kills  Allergy Agravating Dust Mites.

Kills Bacteria.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Carpets & Upholstery?

By far the most thorough way to clean your carpets & upholstery is hot water extraction, often known as steam cleaning. However, this isn’t always the best way for you or your carpets & sofas. For instance, if you have a busy hotel for example where you need the carpets cleaned and the room back in use almost immediately, then dry cleaning is the best option for you, even though our drying times are minimal. The same often applies when we are working in care homes.

Sometimes your carpet fibres will dictate which cleaning method we need to use.

However, most major carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction and this is the method we use whenever possible.

We have all methods available for cleaning your carpets. Hot water extraction steam cleaning, low moisture and dry cleaning.

Here is a picture of our main hot water extraction machine the Airflex Storm, one of the most powerful portable carpet cleaning machines in the UK.

We cover all postcodes in Sunderland including SR1, SR2, SR3, SR4, SR5, SR6, SR7, SR8


Airflex Storm Carpet Cleaning Machine

Our 7 Step Process For Carpet Cleaning

1 – Carpet Cleaning Pre Inspection

It is very important that I identify your carpets fibre content and construction. Other things I need to take into account are the soiling type, any problem areas as well as fitting etc. This enables me to select the most appropriate carpet cleaning solutions and method to give you the best possible results.

2 – Commercial grade vacuuming

Approximately 80 % of soiling in carpets are dry soil. Even if you have hoovered just before I come I will always get more dry soiling out.

3 – Carpet Pre-Spray

I have already selected the safest and most appropriate carpet cleaning solution that will give you the best possible results. I now apply this to your carpet via a sprayer. The cleaning solution will begin to break down the soiling and suspend it in the solution ready to extract it from your carpet.

4 – Agitation

To help the cleaning solution break down the soiling I now use a floor machine to agitate the fibres of your carpet.

5 – Hot Water Extraction

All that loosened soiling, dirt, grit, pollens and allergens are now flushed out and removed from your carpet. I use an Airflex Storm hot water extraction machine. Arguably the most powerful portable carpet cleaning machine in the UK.

This machine can safely clean deeper into your carpets. When necessary it can also produce super heated 110 degrees steam , incinerating dust mites and providing a superior carpet clean.

6 – Spot & Stain Treatment

Any spots and stains not removed by the carpet cleaning process are now treated using advanced techniques. Now no one can guarantee all stains will be removed. Some stains are permanent.  What I can guarantee though is…If i can’t remove it no one can!

7- Dri-pods

Drying times are already minimal but wherever possible I help this along further by using dri-pods. These are little fans that draw warmer air from above and blow it out across your carpet. Depending on carpet fibre type I can often have carpets touch dry before I leave.


A Couple Of My Carpet Cleaning Certificates

Sunderland carpet cleaners training certificate
Sunderland carpet cleaning training certificate from the NCCA
Low moisture dry carpet cleaners Sunderland

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Satisfaction Guarantee

I want you to be totally happy with the cleaning work I do for you.

If for any reason you do not feel that you have received the best possible service and results I will re do the work.

Still not happy? I  will not take your money!

- Karl Fox, Owner


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