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Carpet Cleaning Sunderland

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Carpet Cleaners Sunderland


Looking for a carpet cleaning Sunderland company you can trust?

Great…you have come to the right place!

My name is Karl Fox owner and operator at Cannon Surface Care. I have been cleaning carpets in Sunderland for 10 years now.

After attending nearly every training course in the UK, as well as cleaning thousands and thousands of square metres of carpet means you can be sure of the best possible results and service.

Whatever the reason you are looking for carpet cleaning in Sunderland I can help.

Whether it’s a maintenance clean to keep your flooring in its best possible condition or a restorative clean you are in good hands.

Annoying black spots?

Stains or odours?

I can help…

I realise you are probably thinking “who do I choose to ring?”

If you have looked at a few websites of carpet cleaners in Sunderland, they all say the same thing. Sadly it’s not always true and it’s very hard to decide who to ring.

Which is why I offer FREE HONEST advice and estimates.



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Google Reviews

Leanne Little
Leanne Little
18:15 02 Aug 17
Always reliable.. did a great job cleaning my sofas.. well recommended
NBI Kitchens
NBI Kitchens
10:37 04 Sep 16
Absolutely Delighted . Karl has just finished cleaning all our carpets stripped and sealed the Amtico and cleaned the sofa . He turned up on time did the job in a very conscientious and professional manner to a very high standard. He even rang up afterwards to check we were still happy. We will have no hesitation in using his services again and will recommend his services to all our friends and family Five star service
Tom McDonald
Tom McDonald
07:20 08 Jul 16
Karl is a quiet unassuming guy who turns up with lots of knowledge and some impressive machinery to do his job. He restored a light, very expensive stair carpet on which I had spilt the contents of a breakfast tray including a full glass of fresh orange juice. In hindsight instead of mopping it up I should used "Tinternet" to find him sooner.
John Raffell
John Raffell
16:48 23 May 16
Absolutely superb work! Highly recommended. AAA++++
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The Best Possible Results


Affordable Pricing


Fast Drying

stain removal - carpet cleaning sunderland tyne and wear
carpet cleaning sunderland before after pic
carpet cleaners sunderland before after pic

Our 7 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

1 –  Pre Inspection

It is very important that I identify your carpets fibre content and construction. Other things I need to take into account are the soiling type, any problem areas as well as fitting etc. This enables me to select the most appropriate solutions and method to give you the best possible results.

2 – Commercial grade vacuuming

Approximately 80 % of soiling in carpets are dry soil. Even if you have hoovered just before I come I will always get more dry soiling out.

3 –  Pre-Spray

I have already selected the safest and most appropriate solution that will give you the best possible results. I now apply this to your flooring via a sprayer. The cleaning solution will begin to break down the soiling and suspend it in the solution ready to extract it from your carpet.

4 – Agitation

To help the cleaning solution break down the soiling I now use a floor machine to agitate the fibres of your carpet.

5 – Hot Water Extraction

All that loosened soiling, dirt, grit, pollens and allergens are now flushed out and removed from your carpet. I use an Airflex Storm hot water extraction machine. Arguably the most powerful portable carpet cleaning machines in the UK.

This machine can safely clean deeper into your carpets. When necessary it can also produce super heated 110 degrees steam , incinerating dust mites and providing a superior carpet clean.

6 – Spot & Stain Treatment

Any spots and stains not removed by the carpet cleaning process are now treated using advanced techniques. Now no one can guarantee all stains will be removed. Some stains are permanent.  What I can guarantee though is…If i can’t remove it no one can!

7- Dri-pods

Drying times are already minimal but wherever possible I help this along further by using dri-pods. These are little fans that draw warmer air from above and blow it out across your floor. Depending on fibre type I can often have carpets touch dry before I leave.


A Couple Of My Carpet Cleaning Certificates

training certificate for carpet cleaning in sunderland
sunderland carpet cleaning training certificate

Carpet Cleaning Sunderland Reviews

Sunderland Carpet Cleaning  Stain Removal

One of the main reasons people are looking to have their carpets cleaned is spots & stains. I have written a basic guide to stain removal which can be found here. This isn’t necessarily how I carry out stain removal but is a great guide for you, a bit like first aid for stain removal.

Stain removal can be a tricky process. Success depends on carpet fibre, what the stain is, and if any diy attempts have been made to remove it. The biggest cause of unsuccessful stain removal is the use of off the shelf stain removers and over aggressive scrubbing (never scrub – BLOT)

Some stains will flush out during the cleaning process quite easily. Others will require the dark art of advanced stain removal.

No one can guarantee successful stain removal.  However what I can guarantee is…

If I can’t remove it nobody can…

carpet stain removal training certificate
cleansmart trained for carpet cleaning in sunderland tyne and wear

Carpet Odour Removal

Another main reason people call me is odour removal. The most comman problem being dog smells. I love dogs, they keep me busy and in business. For general doggy smells I will use various different odour neutralising products or enzymes. These will attack, eat away and destroy odours rather than just masking them. I will also use anti bacterial products and an NHS award winning anti microbial to thoroughly sanitise your carpets.

Dog “accidents” are something I deal with multiple times a week. They require a different approach. If i just came in and cleaned your carpet like many do you may find this doesn’t solve your problem.
I have lost count of the amount of jobs I have attended after another carpet cleaning company has failed to deal with the actual urine. What happens is over time dirt will naturally be attracted to and stick to the areas. Often other companies will just brush the dirt off the surface and then a couple of months later, sometimes only weeks, the spots and stains have returned.

These areas need treating with a urine neutralising product. I have what we call a water claw. When hooked up to the airflex storm carpet cleaning machine it allows me to saturate the problem areas whilst being able to safely extract  the urine from deep within your carpets and underlay.


The Best Possible Results


Affordable Pricing


Rapid Drying


Satisfaction Guarantee

I want you to be totally happy with the work I do for you.

If for any reason you do not feel that you have received the best possible service and results I will re do the work.

Still not happy? I  will not take your money!

- Karl Fox, Owner


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