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How to Keep Your Carpets In Great Condition

by Aug 14, 2018Uncategorized

Caring For Your Carpets


Carpets are a great choice of floor covering for your home. They look great, feel great under foot and have insulating properties.

They are however a significant cost and an inconvenience to replace. Which is one reason we like to look after them. As well as the cost and inconvenience to replace we all want our homes to be clean healthy and to look their best.

That’s why I’ve compiled the following tips to keep your carpets in top condition.

1 – Use door mats either side of your external doors.


Most people use 1 door mat, which is great…but 2 is better.

By using a mat either side of your door you will be so much more effective at removing dirt, grit and soiling before it can enter your home.

I love pets, especially dogs, they keep me in business. I realise it may be hard to convince your dog to use your two doormat system, ok impossible, and equally as hard to get them to wear slippers. Which is why I would recommend keeping an old towel by the door to give those muddy paws a wipe over before they run wild across your carpets and flooring.

2 – Vacuum Regularly.


If you wait till you see soiling and debris on your flooring before you vacuum, you are waiting too long.

One of the biggest causes of wear to your carpet fibres is tiny particles of grit. As you can imagine, as you walk across your floor these tiny particles of grit act like sandpaper wearing away the fibres.

Most people vacuum far to fast. For your vacuum cleaner to be most effective you need to slow it down when you pull it toward yourself so that it has time to do its job properly.

Thorough hoovering of your carpets will not only remove the tiny bits of abrasive grit but also loose dry soiling, debris pollens and allergens. Just remember to keep your hoover in good condition by emptying it regularly and especially cleaning or renewing the filters.

3 – Try To Limit Direct Sunlight On Your Carpet.


Have you ever seen a once red car that has faded to pink? Thats UV damage for you. We all know the damage the sun can cause to our skin, it can burn us, and give us cancer.

UV rays from the sun can destroy carpets. I have seen every thing from colour fade, brittle fibres and even a sofa in a conservatory that was so weakened from UV damage it split apart.

Now i’m not saying you should permanently have your blinds closed but if you can limit your carpets exposure to the sun you will keep them looking better for longer.

4 – Moving Furniture Around.


Not always practical I know but if you can this will help prevent permanent damage. Furniture kept in the same place constant will eventually crush the pile of your carpet and even the underlay until it is permanent.

5 – Correct, Quality Underlay.


This needs to be considered before your carpet is laid. A resilient and firm underlay forms the foundation of your flooring. It acts as a shock absorber increasing comfort and durability.

A good carpet retailer will be able to advise you on the most appropriate underlay for your carpet and situation. More info about carpet underlay can be found here on The Carpet & Rug Institute website.

6 – Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned.


Most major carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months.

Over time soiling gets so compacted that hoovering just isn’t as effective any more. Everyday life can lead to spots and dirty walkways appearing. Those pesky kids, grandkids and pets seem determined to wreck your carpets and flooring with mucky paws, drink and food spills.

This is where professional cleaning to return your carpets to their best possible condition. Making your home not only clean but healthier aswel but removing pollens and allergens.

Find out more about carpet cleaning sunderland.


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