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Mowbray Park is situated in Sunderland Tyne & Wear, it adjoins the winter garden and museum and is adjacent to the busy areas of Fawcett Street and Holmeside. You also have Toward Road to the east and to the south is Park Road.

Voted best park in britain 2008 and is one of the oldest municipal parks in the North East.

Typical of the time when the victorians were building outside leafy areas for the public to enjoy and hopefully help with health. It was in the 1830’s when a local health inspector recommended building a park in the area after the then town recorded the first cholera epidemic.

The plot of land was purchased with a government grant from the Mowbray family and work started in the 1850’s. Opened in 1857 by Lord Mayor MP of Sunderland John Candlish, thousands attended the opening and shops closed early.

The second World War had many effects on the park as it did everywhere. Statues and other metal objects were taken away. melted down and used for weapons. Open spaces were turned into vegetable patches and with the area being the 7th most bombed town in the country recieved damage from Hitlers bombs.

As well as other statues and monuments the park houses a memorial to the Victoria Hall Disaster of 1883 in which 183 children died.

After the war the park was neglected and fell into disrepair. It wasn’t untill the 90’s and with help from a lottery grant that Mowbray Park was restored to its former glory. Unfortunately the civic centre which many consider an eyesore was built on ground in the west of the park. Such a shame if you had seen the now demolished building the council used to occupy. The old town hall was a very impressive building near the now south entrance of the railway station.

Another fantastic attraction to the west of Sunderland is Penshaw Monument.

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